The Village

The village consist of fishmonger, butcher, baker,  restaurants, cafes, hairdressers, banks, supermarkets, newspapers, tobacco, hardware ... but also personal services including medical, post office, a veterinary clinic, a leisure center, a municipal police force, a gendarmerie!

La Croix Valmer has a market every Sunday morning on the Place des Palmiers. there is something for everyone!  meat,  Local produce, fruits and vegetables, smells and memories of Provence, crafts, jewellery and clothing, you will not leave empty handed.

History of the Village

According to legend, the name of La Croix Valmer comes from the Roman Emperor Constantine, on his way to Rome in 312 during a well deserved break in St-Tropez, might have appeared in the sky accompanied by a cross the words "In Hoc Signo Vinces" (By this sign you will conquer) This legendary event was immortalized in 1893 by building a cross-shaped monument, erected today near the roundabout opposite the tourist office, on the very spot where he had his vision . The reality is different. . The etymology of the name actually comes from its location, "The Crous" meaning the crossroads, "Vaumar" meaning "valley of the sea" since the village was located at the top of the hill.